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18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

18 wheeler accident attorney cedar parkMany of the most horrific traffic accidents involve semi-tractor trailer truck, or 18-wheeler trucks. According to recent statistics over 500,000 trucking accidents happen every year in the United States, which results in many more injuries and many fatalities.

Whether you’ve been in an accident or are dealing with a death as a result of an 18-wheeler accident the attorneys at Flores & Valentine, P.C. can help make sure you get justice and hold the responsible party accountable and liable. It’s estimated that 1 out of 8 of all traffic fatalities have an tractor-trailer, semi-truck or 18-wheeler involved.

There are many reasons as to why there are so many accidents involving these types of large vehicles. One of the most common causes of accidents of this type are a result of blind spots that are common with large trucks. High traffic areas that occur in the Austin area only make the situation worse.

In addition to blind spot problems there are always driver failure and mechanical failure that come into play. Also, some big rig truck drivers just don’t obey the speed limits and rules of the road. This can be because the drivers are on tight deadlines, have driven too many miles and are fatigued, or simply are driving too fast!

Are You a Victim of a Semi Tractor-Trailer Accident?

The sad truth is that anyone can be a victim of an accident of this type. Regardless of the reason for an accident, contact our truck accident attorneys for a free case evaluation. There’s never a fee unless we win your case and recover money for you. Flores & Valentine, P.C. can help successfully litigate your claim involving a commercial truck driver and or a trucking company.


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